SMT division

The SMT (Surface Mount Technology) Division guarantees great productivity and provides high-quality products, which are properly protected against temperature changes. The assembly lines, characterised by high performance, precision and flexibility, are used for high-volume production as well as small batches and prototypes. The SMT Division is also provided with the equipment for the control of the soldering process, such as microscopes, Mantis viewers and warm air generators for the component removal.

Q.ty: 1
Positioning of the solder paste.

Sprint Avi silk-screen printing machine with self-cleaning optical centring and automatic loading/unloading system.

Pick-and-place machines (M2 I-Pulse, M4S I-Pulse, M4E I-Pulse) with automatic loading/unloading system and the possibility to mount a BGA/CSP/SCAN camera

Q.ty: 3
Surface mount component assembly.
Q.ty: 1
Reflow of the solder paste.

Plus 16 T N2 reflow oven with 16 heating zones, forced air convection and radiant panels.

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